Longwood Gardens

DSC01827Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA is one of my reset places.  I can always rely on a trip to the gardens to simultaneously free my mind from everyday stresses and inspire me with a million and one ideas for my dream garden back home (even when I didn’t have a garden or home of my own).  Like Shenandoah National Park, Longwood Gardens is one of my most favorite places in the world.

kristen3I don’t get to make this trip as often as I would like (now that I live in southwestern Virginia), but I do visit every time an opportunity presents itself.  Boo was 6 weeks old for her first trip.  She slept almost the whole time and I got my first taste of public breastfeeding.  I could be wrong, but I don’t imagine she will remember much of this trip.

We recently made the trip now that Boo is a toddler (19 months at the time).  She might not remember this one either, but I know I will!  It is one of those special moments when your child realizes that magic and fairies really do exist in the real world – because how else can this place be so amazing?!  Hopefully her memories of Longwood Gardens will be like mine – so many little memories gathered from so many different trips coming together to make one big happy memory!  Like that time there were hidden Wizard of Oz topiaries all over the place.  Or the time my little sister fell into the fountain.  Or the time we released our wild box turtle onto the grounds because we couldn’t think of a happier home for the little guy.  Just a whole bunch of happy.

I guess the magic (for Boo) first began in the bathrooms of the conservatory.  This sounds really bizarre, but my mom had been raving about the bathrooms since lunch at the cafe.  “Wait to change her diaper until we get to the conservatory!  They won best bathroom!”  I totally fact-checked her when we got home.  True story.  Who knew this even existed?  So we made it to the bathrooms and they were impressive-looking, but I did not see a formal changing table in the family bathroom.  Instead, there was a strange flat surface with a dent in it.DSC01822

Am I really suppose to change her in this?  It seems inconvenient to have to reach around in there to try to clean her tushie.  Ok, I’ll give it a shot.DSC01821

Boo seems satisfied!  I must say, I have never changed her on a public changing table without lots of screaming.  Longwood Gardens for the win!

Now the conservatory itself – always my favorite part of the trip!  It’s like a jungle…or a rainforest…or just something else completely wonderful.  Boo took off exploring the instant her feet touched the ground.


The conservatory has a special section reserved as the “Children’s Garden.”  This existed when I was a kid and I loved it.  It had a maze and some fun fountains you could stick your hands in.  It has now been completely revamped!  At first, I was distraught (why mess with a good thing and all that), but the new version is completely magical…for everyone!

Here are some other pictures of our day.  I can’t wait to go back!


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