Updating Boo’s Travel Map

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.12.02 PM
(Screen print from Roadtrippers)

Wow!  It has been awhile since I posted!  To be honest, with the end of the school year and various illnesses affecting any or all of us, we really haven’t done much adventuring.  After a fairly rough year, I really needed to escape.  Less than a week after school ended, Boo and I hit the road!  Not just one of those drive to your destination, do the vacation thing, and head home sort of trips, but an actual road trip!  Just the two of us!

How did this trip come about?  I have this best friend.  We have been friends since we were born (no joke – our pregnant moms were good friends).  She recently moved several states away from our hometown and I couldn’t wait to visit!  Google says the trip is 10 hours.  Totally possible to drive in one day, but I’m a teacher on summer break, so what’s the rush?

I decided to go all out.  And knock off a few states for Boo’s travel map while we were at it!  Everyone has different criteria for checking a state off the list.  For me, a state (or country) doesn’t count unless you actually do something in that state – eat, sleep, an activity, something!  For instance, Delaware is the way we get to New Jersey, but Boo hasn’t done anything in DE yet except pay tolls (seriously…what is with all the tolls?!).

Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan all made the map this time!

Here are some clips from our road trip!

New River Gorge Bridge; Fayetteville, West Virginia (not actually a new state)
Carter Caves State Park; Olive Hill, Kentucky
Cincinnati Zoo; Cincinnati, Ohio
Splash Pad; South Bend, Indiana
Strawberry Picking; Niles, Michigan
National Aviary; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (also not a new state)

We have another epic road trip planned for later this summer!  We are so excited!


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