Getting That Toddler to Hike!

DSC02782You know that feeling when you are so excited to hit the trails?  You have everything planned out, everyone is all ready to go, the weather is perfect…and then the toddler decides it is one of those days.  The type of day where her feet must never touch the ground.  I love the snuggles, but Boo weighs over 30 lbs now.  That means 35+ lbs of baby, pack, water, stuff (babies require a lot of stuff).  Hiking like this gets exhausting…and painful…and quite a bit less fun.  I’m not saying I won’t carry her at all, it would just be nice if she’d carry her own weight from time to time, ya know?  So, my tip to get a toddler to hit the trail?  Props!

#1 – Boo’s top pick for toddler hiking gear – A hiking pole just like Mommy’s!  We have Black Diamond hiking poles.  They adjust with a simple clip, so it is super easy to break them down to Boo size!

#2 – Her very own digital camera!  I take a lot of pictures and Boo has finally noticed.  That means she steals my camera to take pictures and I am out of luck.  We ordered her a Nerf digital camera from Amazon for $10.  We ordered this exact product and got something that looks quite different, but we are quite impressed with the camera (and never even noticed the differences until just now!), so we never filed a complaint.  Seriously – this thing even has a video camera!

Most of her pictures are as expected, but occasionally she surprises me!  It is interesting to see things from the viewpoint of a 2 year old!

#3 – Kid-friendly binoculars!  This one is similar to the camera, but just different enough to keep her interested!  These were gifted to her, but there are many reasonable options on Amazon.

We also have a cheapo Dollar Tree magnifying glass ready to go, but we have never made it that far through the list!


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