About Us

Hi!  My name is Kristen and this DSC01095is my family!  We currently live in Southwestern Virginia.  We love traveling, camping, and exploring our world.  That adorable little girl is Boo.  She is 17 months old and the inspiration behind this website.  Boo visited 12 states and 2 Canadian Provinces before her 1st birthday.  I would say she is off to a great start!

Following generations of traveling and camping addicts, it was important to me to introduce my daughter to these activities from an early age.  But, as a new mother, I found the prospect to be a bit overwhelming.

Naturally, I headed to the internet to figure out everything from sleeping in a tent with an infant to keeping a baby entertained on a long road trip.  After scouring the internet and only finding blips of information here and there about traveling with babies, I decided to start this blog.

My goal is to pull together resources, based on my own personal experiences, for parents seeking to take their little ones on an adventure.  I am not an expert on this topic, but I hope my experiences might be helpful to someone else.  I look forward to sharing both our successes and failures as we head off on new adventures!


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